R2D2-MH internal Workshop Series has been launched!

Feb 7, 2023

Involvement of public and representatives of individuals living with developmental diversities or mental health conditions is at the center of the R2D2-MH approach.

To provide researchers and young scientists involved in the project with training and hands-on experience, R2D2-MH has launched its online internal webinar series.

The first session dedicated to the basis of Public involvement and its implementation in research took place today and allowed the attendees to interact with researchers as well as individuals who have been involved in research projects as public contributors. Organized by PPI Ignite Office at Trinity College Dublin, this session gathered three speakers from TCD: Prof. Mary McCarron from, Michael Foley and Mei Lin Yap.

A second session will take place in March and will focus on the values and ethical considerations underpinning the approach.