R2D2-MH Learning Platform

R2D2-MH stands for Risk and Resilience in Developmental Diversity and Mental Health and is a 5-year research project funded by the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Commission. Bringing 26 partners located worldwide, R2D2-MH aims at understanding risk and resilience factors associated with mental health and developmental diversity. One key aspect of R2D2-Mh is co-creation, i.e. the involvement of citizens and stakeholders in the development of tools and methods developed in the project. 

The R2D2-MH team has developed a learning platform to provide citizens and stakeholders with educational and learning material about neurodevelopmental diversity and mental health. Researchers involved in the project can also access content via a protected area. By clicking on the buttons below, you’ll be able to access diverse content (videos, fact sheets, external resources). 

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