New European strategy to tackle Mental Health

Dec 13, 2023

Important progresses have been made in 2023 towards the consideration of Mental health at the European level and its inclusion is policies.

On December 12th, the European Parliament approved its first report on mental health, urging for mental health to be considered in all policies.

Earlier this year, the European Commission published a “Comprehensive approach to Mental Health” to call for multidisciplinary actions through 20 flagship initiatives and €1.23 billion in funding. Published in June 2023 and approved by the EU Health ministers on November 30th, 2023, the Commission added a pillar to the European Health Union, putting Mental Health at the same level as physical health. The approach relies on 3 guiding principles:


  • Promoting good mental health via prevention and protection
  • Greater help for those in need
  • Supporting the most vulnerable, including children and young people