Interview of R2D2-MH coordinator Prof. Thomas Bourgeron in the French media

May 5, 2023

An interview of Thomas Bourgeron and his approach of research on autism has been recently published in the French Newspaper Le Monde. In this articel, Thomas Bourgeron and other actors in the field of autism, including R2D2-MH partners Stéf. Bonnot-Briey (PAARI, French association gathering autistic people), Richard Delorme (InovAND, Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris – APHP), Declan Murphy (King’s College London), explain the recent progresses made in the understanding of autism and how the research led by Thomas Bourgeron contributed to it.

The article also introduces the R2D2-MH project and the key question that we aim to address: how people with similar risk factors, as mutations in some genes or preterm birth, have different mental health outcomes, not only in the context of autism but also neurodevelopmental diversity, and what are the resilience or protective factors associated with it, with the overall goal to improve the support provided to individuals and their families.

Prof. Thomas Bourgeron